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From: One of the McKays (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 16:56:11 EST

Gary Shogren has given me his permission to resned this post [edited, with
relevant information which many are asking for off-list! I'm getting snowed
under with requests for the details.]

" ... Free offer, allowed by the Powers That Be in B-GREEK: we run Stylus
Publications, which prints Greek and Hebrew study tools. We give out free
samples to teachers of the languages - and I interpret that VERY broadly, so
don't hold back :)

We publish updated versions of the old Chapman Greek NT Insert, plus his
laminated card with Greek verbs, etc; two cards with
Hebrew verbs (including the Davis one, which we've reprinted); plus a new
Insert for Hebrew by Fred Putnam, PhD Dropsie in biblical Hebrew.

>Our new address: Stylus Publishing, 107 E. Ridley Avenue, Ridley Park, PA
>19078; 610-532-0661; email for samples:; for talking to
me about our products:
>Great to be back with the group! Gary Shogren

Note the email for requests of freebies [and they are VERY good!]

David McKay

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