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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 11:44:20 EST

<x-rich>Would "dellbert" please identify him or herself in accordance with the
stated policy of our list, please? There may be legitimate exceptions
to this rule, but those who want to be excepted should state their
reasons to one of the co-chairs.

     "4. Signatures: It is a courtesy expected of B-Greek subscribers
that messages should indicate, at least in the "From" header, the
personal name as well as the e-address, or else should at least sign
their posts with personal names. Indications of the locality from which
they write would help personalize further for others the sender of a
message. Academic or institutional information may be appended also,
but there is no privilege associated with any academic or institutional
status so-indicated."

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