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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 07:17:01 EST

You can change your own B-Greek settings from the same B-Greek web site
that is used to read the archives. These settings determine whether you get
individual posts or digests, whether you receive copies of your own posts,
your email address, allow you to stop mail when you go on vacation, etc.

You can also enter your name. Some people managed to subscribe without
their full name, which is now required, so I would appreciate it if you
enter your name if it is not there.

To see your settings, you need to know your password. Go to the following URL:

There is a button labeled "Forgot your password"? You will use this to get
your password and your settings. Enter your email address - this must match
the one you used to subscribe - and push the button. You will receive an
email something like this:

As you requested, here are your subscription settings on b-greek:

* Your personal password is ""
* You are subscribed with the email address ""
* Your name is: "Jonathan Robie"
* Your membership is currently: normal
* Subscription type: mail
* Receive acknowledgements when posting: no
* Receive copies of your own posts: yes
* Date joined: June 04, 1998
* Comment: B-Greek Staff member

Once you have that, you can go back and enter B-Greek using the same URL:

Now choose "Enter B-Greek". There is a button labelled "Your Settings" -
you can use it to change any of your settings.



Jonathan Robie

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