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Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 13:51:57 EST

Cindy Wrote:

But also, I think that tracing participant, repetition and reference
chains(and how they interact) are standard for any analysis. Actually,
there is a lot of cross-over between the lexical and informational
approach as defined by Young if lexical 'repetition' is defined broadly.

After reading Cindy's remarks, I decided to go over the first six
chapters of Luke and look for lexical patterns. The first pattern that I
saw was the frequent use of PNEUMA limited by hAGIOS or KURIOS. The
distribution of this pattern corresponded with a shift in the
development of Luke's narative. The pattern dropped off after the close
of the birth and temptation narratives. The last use in this section
being the inauguration of Jesus' ministry.

This pattern would not have been discovered if it had not changed at a
major transition in Luke's narrative.. The major transition was not
detected by seeing the pattern but just the reverse. The pattern was
detected because the major transition was quite evident at the semantic

PNEUMA limited by hAGIOS or KURIOS
Luke 1:15
Luke 1:35
Luke 1:41
Luke 1:67
Luke 2:25
Luke 2:26
Luke 3:16
Luke 3:22
Luke 4:1
Luke 4:18
Luke 10:21
Luke 11:13
Luke 12:10
Luke 12:12

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