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From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 06:46:31 EST

On 9 Mar 99 at 10:51, David A Bielby I wrote:

> I've been meeting with another pastor in my city to develop a study of
> the Commands of Christ. I'm not as interested in developing another
> theory on Synoptic Source, or even trying to sift through all the
> Synoptic information out there. I'm more interested in compilations or
> arrangements of the Commands of Christ to His disciples. Organized
> topically and chronologically.

An old harmonistic attempt to arrange them chronologically and thematically is
B. W. Johnson's _People's New Testament_ (1891). See:

Try also David Wallis's Four Part Harmony of the Gospels:

But neither deal with Greek and both are harmonies rather than synopses. I
don't know whether this is the kind of thing you are looking for or not, but I
hope it helps.

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