Aland's Synopsis (was: Not Quite Synoptics)

From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 06:51:52 EST

On 9 Mar 99 at 19:22, Jonathan Robie wrote:

> I think you are looking for this:
> Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum
> by K. Aland (Editor) $43.99
> Hardcover 13th edition (December 1985)
> United Bible Societies; ISBN: 3438051303

But make sure you get the 15th edition if so (1996, 1997): it has an entirely
new appendix featuring the full Coptic text of the Gospel of Thomas, with the
P.Oxy fragments, new translations into German and English and retranslations of
the materials with parallels to the Synoptics into Greek. It was prepared by
Hans-Gebhard Bethge and is a most valuable resource. The only annoying thing
is that the print is too small. Why, I wonder, do they think that people
interested in the Gospel of Thomas have better eyesight than those interested
only in the synoptics?


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