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From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Fri Mar 12 1999 - 08:31:40 EST

Timo Flink wrote;
>As a beginner here (again, was here once), I would like to know the time
>frame when did the majority text rise? Looking my NA27 apparatus and
>explanations I can see that there are not that many Greek witnesses for
>Revelation other than majority ones. Actually only Aleph and A seem to have
>the whole text.. so, which century is it? Fifth? Sixth? Seventh?
If by "majority text" you mean the Byzantine text, the date most widely
agreed upon by textual critics would be in the fourth century shortly after
the cessation of persecution. According to Aland the text before this was
a rather free "living" text (reflected in the early papyri) that was later
channeled into "text-types." The "majority," "Koine," or "ecclesiastical"
text became dominent from the late fifth century through the 14th centuries
primarily by default; the others ceased to be used. Thus the text used for
the earliest printed NTs was of this variety.

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