Re: Words for Enas Mithos - Aristophanes

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Mar 12 1999 - 15:21:29 EST

At 7:21 PM +0000 3/12/99, David Calderwood wrote:
>I have a Nana Mouskouri record from the 70's which contains the song "Enas
>Mithos". According to the sleeve the text is from Aristophanes. I would be
>grateful if anyone could tell me where the text is to be found (and
>translation) - ideally on the Perseus Project site. The record also
>contains another Greek song Odos Oniron - is this also classical Greek?

The title is clearly Modern Greek, as ENAS is the MG form of the ancient
hEIS/hENOS (what they have done is to form a new nominative with -S ending
added to the accusative stem; I've never been able to figure out exactly
why, but the Romance languages build on the accusative form of Latin nouns
and Recent Greek builds on the accusative form of ancient Greek nouns). So
ENAS MIQOS means "a myth" or "a story" (I should have added that ENAS is
the m. nom. sg. direct article in the vernacular). My guess is that if it's
Aristophanes, it's in a Modern Greek version. ODOS ONIRON (i.e. hODOS
ONEIRWN) should mean "Street of Dreams"--and this too, I'd guess, is a MG
text, even if it's derived from something ancient.

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