Re: alpha privativum

From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 09:22:29 EST

At 5:26 AM -0600 3/15/99, Carl W. Conrad wrote in response to Thomas Kraus'
note on alpha privitive:

>There probably is some bibliography on alpha privative, and if there is
>anything recent and significant, I expect Micheal Palmer could point it
>out. On the other hand, it certainly is a major formative element in Greek,
>just as its cognates are in at least some IE languages.

I am not aware of any *recent* bibliography. That doesn't mean it's not out
there, just that I haven't seen it. To find good discussions of the topic
its not really necessary to look farther than the standard reference

Carl's comments (which I have deleted to save bandwidth), though, provide a
better overview than that found in the grammars of the hellenistic period.
I don't have Smyth with me to check, but I feel sure it would have a good,
concise discussion covering the broader history of Greek.

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