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Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 13:19:53 EST

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> At 6:49 AM -0600 3/18/99, Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
> >Is it Biblical Greek ?
> It looks essentially classical Attic to me. It's really pretty neat. I
> first read the initial message from Mark at home and brought the web page
> up in what I at first thought was a form of Beta Code; but at the office
> now, where I have SPIonic font installed in my Mac System, I go to the page
> without altering the settings in IE 4.5 at all and it comes up in beautiful
> Greek, clearer, if possible, than the Greek at Perseus in the Athenian font.
> What's available at this site right now is rather elementary, but as more
> goes up, I think it will be a nice resource to refer students to.
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Another neat thing about it is that it provides a nice example of all
the grammatical terms [in Greek].


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