b-greek digest: March 16, 1999

From: David C. Hindley (DHindley@compuserve.com)
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 23:37:03 EST

Message text written by "John Contabile"

>[I restrict myself to using an interlinear] only for a quick reference.
the other hand, some have no desire to know the language on a scholarly
level, so they use it as a primary resource. Therefore, I think that using

an interlinear can be helpful, as long as you realize your ultimate goal
and use it appropriately.<

I have to agree that an interlinear is of only limited use unless you have
some knowledge of the Greek language. What can it do except translate nouns
with a standard genitive or dative English construction, or give a textbook
English rendering of the verbal forms? It cannot tell you about all the
nuances of Greek grammar, or all the possible ways that such words and
constructions can be rendered in English.

Still I will admit that, as someone who operates on an intermediate level
in Greek, I often use an interlinear to get the gist of a passage before
diving in. It does help me focus on what needs to be learned to properly
understand passages. It is a tool, and nothing more.

Dave Hindley

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