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From: Jay Adkins (
Date: Sat Mar 20 1999 - 10:08:41 EST

On 03/19/99, ""Randy LEEDY" <>" wrote:
> A colleague has made what I take to be a highly untenable suggestion
> that HRAN KLASMATA DWDEKA KOFINWN PLHRWMATA in Mark 6:43 ought to be
> understood as "they took up fragments, twelve fillings of baskets"
> rather than "fillings of twelve baskets." He thinks there may have
> been 144 basketfulls of fragments--a basket for each apostle, and
> twelve fillings of these baskets. He's claiming that the indeclinable
> DWDEKA should be taken as accusative modifying PLHRWMATA rather than
> as genitive modifying KOFINWN. Before I come to a final conclusion
> that he has flipped his gourd as well as failed to read Matt. 14:20
> (yes, I know I'm being hard on him, but he knows how to give it
> back!), I'm wondering whether anyone else has taken this view of the
> passage, or, especially, if anyone is aware of anything in print
> espousing or even suggesting this possibility? I've found no hint of
> the idea so far, having checked Plummer, Swete, Cranfield, and a
> number of grammatical databases.
> Thanks.
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> In love to God and neighbor,
> Randy Leedy
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> Greenville, SC
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 As a Īlittle Greek' I can only add my translation of this verse and only
do so as I am currently attempting to translate the book of Mark.

 6:43 Then they carried away twelve full baskets of broken pieces of
bread and fish.

 Should anyone notice a problem with this translation, please let me know.

Jay Adkins

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