Re: Differences NA26-27

From: Jim Oxford (
Date: Sat Mar 20 1999 - 15:50:40 EST

At 12:09 3/20/99, Wieland Willker wrote:

>In the book "Neuer sprachlicher Schluessel zum GNT" (New key)
>W. Haubeck and H.v. Siebenthal write:
>NA-27 is identical with NA-26 with one exception: 2Tim 2:25.
>I have compared both versions but can't find any difference.
>Anyone any idea what is meant?
>Best wishes
> Wieland

dear wieland,

i own a copy of this linguistic key. on what page do the authors make this
statement? if you send me the page number, then i'll have a look at it.
perhaps we should correspond off list.


jim oxford

Jim Oxford
Ph D candidate in NT
Baylor University

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