Date: Sat Mar 20 1999 - 20:09:22 EST

Colleagues of B-Greek:

Several days ago, in an effort to forestall renewed lengthy and unpleasant
correspondence from a former (so we believed) subscriber, I wrote a few
lines to Jim West, with a copy to the List-- a few lines which in fact
accomplished the opposite of their intention.

My words were written hastily, and they were intemperate and overly
strongly-stated. I regret very much that I did not delay my reply till I
could think it over quietly, and state it more judiciously. I apologize
to the members of the List for not having done so, all the more since
as Co-Chair I should set an example.

My own standards for my own message-writing are such that
I should not have written those lines about anyone, and I do regret them.

Edward Hobbs

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