mit brennenden Sorge...

From: Jim West (jwest@Highland.Net)
Date: Sat Mar 20 1999 - 21:36:07 EST

I must say a public word regarding Carl Conrad and Ed Hobbs. Thre are no
two finer scholars known to me when it comes to things Greek. It is
genuinely painful for me to see them feel it necessary to apologize for
comments that were both truthful and straightforward. I don't wish to
prolong this unpleasant affair but if there is any blame to be had in this
it is mine. Instead of hastily recommending someone as a resource I should
have had the good sense to seek the advice of those wiser and more
knowledgable than myself (which considerably widens the field). Edward and
Carl have, in my estimation, nothing to apologize for; as the fault is
purely and completely mine. MEA CULPA---- MEA MAXIMA CULPA! It is with
burning sorrow that I offer my withdrawl from the list if that will ease
the situation and restore harmony.

Best to all,



Jim West, ThD
Quartz Hill School of Theology
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