Telltale Signs of a Donor Language

From: Theodore H Mann (
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 13:18:12 EST


Is it possible to tell from a translation of a missing original what the
language of the original might have been? I'm thinking once again about
the claim that Hebrews was originally written in Hebrew, and translated
into Greek by Luke or whoever. I also have in mind various comments I
have read and heard that some of the NT documents were translated into
Greek from Aramaic. Can a scholar with the appropriate training and
experience look at a translation and say something like: "This is not the
way this would have been done, if the original language were Hebrew (or
Aramaic, German, French, etc.), or, "There are grammatical and
syntactical clues in this translation that lead me to believe that the
original document was in......."? Many thanks.

Theodore "Ted" Mann

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