Byz Manuscripts and AIWN

From: Timo Flink (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 10:44:18 EST

Howdy folks!

I have too questions not related to each other.

1) Previously I asked if someone knows the century when the majority text
type of NT appeared. I was instructed to check some books (thx for that)
and of what I have gathered it looks like it arouse somewhere after
Lucian's text (c. 312 A.D), thus fifth century. Is this view correct? If
it is, it would make them almost contemporary with Aleph and Vaticanus.

2) I'm do not want any heated debate over eternal punishment vs.
annihilationism, but my question relates to EIS TOUS AIWNAS TWN AIWNWN in
Rev. 20:10. Usually (almost all the translations I've seen) it is
translated as "forever and ever." Is it possible - grammatically - to
translate it as "the whole lifetime", "from world age to world age",
"lasting from age to age" etc as I've seen such in certain essays at the
local theological library?

(I confess, that "the whole lifetime" was my own stupid invention :))

But is it possible or completely without any merits and grounds? Private
email preferred, pls.

Timo Flink

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