Re: Luke 7:2,3 (prominence: discourse and clause)

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 05:41:34 EST

At 9:22 PM -0500 3/23/99, David C. Hindley wrote:
>Message text written by "Clayton Stirling Bartholomew"
>>Meanwhile some of us more literary
>types will still keep talking about it in a loose undisciplined manner
>which will continue to irritate the empirical people.<
>-Someone- has to do it! <g>
>Dave Hindley
><Darn it, I lost my train of thought ... was I referring to "talking ... in
>a loose undisciplined manner," or "irritat[ing] the empirical people"?>

Well, whether it's one or the other, there's no doubt that it WILL be done

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