Re: John 1:1-2

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 11:45:57 EST

At 8:10 AM -0800 3/24/99, George Blaisdell wrote:
>Nor do I wish to come up way short regarding the profound fecundity of
>meaning of this passage by making it facilely glossed.

I can never see the word "fecundity" without thinking of the great white
sow of Vergil's Aeneid 7 with her forty suckling pigs.

>Now, my friend, I am ignorant of the term 'antiphonal' [hymn]... Could
>you help me out??

"Antiphonal" (one occasionally finds "amoebaean" for this) refers to a hymn
in parts that are chanted back and forth by two (or more) choruses. Think
of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos (-i?).

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