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From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 01:56:55 EST

>From: Jack Kilmon

>As you know, 4G is a work that was developed
>in Asia Minor for over 300
>years. The latest additions, glosses and
>interpolations seem to have
<taken place around the time of Codex D.
>An earlier form of the Gospel
>probably began with what is now 1:19.

Jack ~
I really do not know this, although I am aware of that approach through
reading the Brown commentary.

The high level of chiastic integration of the whole of 4G argues very
strongly for its creation by a single author. As an assemblage of
add-ons over a prolonged period of time, it could not be so tightly and
chiastically knit. It has a chiastic unity and integration throughout
that simply could not be there were it written by a composit of authors
and redactors over a long period of time. [Fr. Beck is my source on
this understanding ~ "The Shape of Biblical Language"]

An antiphonal hymn is where the
>lector and the congregation would alternate stanzas, sort of like when
>a minister says "The Lord be with you" and the congregation answers,
>"and with your spirit." The prologue to 4G was just such an antiphony
>in the early Church. The lector/presbyter would sing "In the beginning
>was the word." The congregation/assembly would respond ""And the Word
>was with God." The leader would answer "And the word WAS God." And so
>on and so forth. Your treatment of the beautiful chiastic pattern of
>this "song" sung between leader and congregation brought the hymn
>to life.


Do you have the entire hymn and its antiphonal divisions? Did any of
its music get passed along? Do the Orthodox Greeks maybe sing it?

I keep trying to 'hear' it... At least I now understand what
'antiphonal' means ~ Thanks.


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