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Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 11:49:20 EST


At first glance I thought your response was a little "fruity", pardon the
pun, I couldn't resist.

Many thanks, for the excellent reference to LSJ. I found an on-line version
at which even allowed me to search for all
occurrences of "wrist" and "palm" and see the various classical Greek words
translated those ways in their mammoth reference library, with hyperlinks to
the original texts by Euripedes and others viewable in both Greek and
English with a very user-friendly indexing system!!!! Sorry for the long
sentence, but finding that site reference was like Christmas!!!

Thanks again for helping a "little greeker" ...

--- Jim Poulsen

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Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: Nails in Hands ?

>> 2 - If there is a Greek word for wrist and it wasn't used, are there
>> linguistic/stylistic reasons for using the more common word for hand?
>There is a word for wrist but it isn't used with that sense in the NT.
>Used in Homer, IL 24.671, Od 24:398
>also in Xeno. Cyr.6.4.2, Aristotle also used it.
>See LSJ for details.
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