Re: Participles and Computer searches

From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 17:20:48 EST

Silly me. I don't have BibleWorks 3.5 on my system any more, but 4.0
still has the Friberg database. I played with the participles search
in that database and got the hit counts to match Accordance precisely.

In addition to participles being tagged in one of two categories,
either normal participles or "imperatival participles" (which really
means circumstantial to an imperative main verb), an additional factor
in the Friberg data is an extra character with periphrastic
participles indicating their connection with a finite verb.

The search (meaningful only to BWW users): *@vp* returns the stats
reported earlier. *@v{pr}* picks up the imperatival ptcps and brings
the stats closer to Accordance, but still not quite the same.
*@*v{pr}????* picks up the periphrastics and yields results precisely
matching Accordance.

The bottom line is that the Gramcord data is purely morphological
while the Friberg data contains functional indicators as well, and if
you don't take this into account and construct your search
accordingly, you won't get from Friberg the data you're really looking

In love to God and neighbor,
Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC

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