Re: Biblical Greek and Word Origins

From: Richard Maurer (
Date: Sat Mar 27 1999 - 07:25:22 EST

On 03/26/99, ""Tony Stark" <>" wrote:
> Greetings,I'm Interested in knowing what publications are out there that
delves into greek word origins.Can anyone out there recommend some Great
titles? Thank you for your reply.:-)

For common words (e.g., hand, send, east, grief, mind, shout, noble) try *A
Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in the Principal Indo-European Languages*
by Carl Darling Buck, which costs $30 or so. Itās a fun book to browse and
includes ancient Greek as first among its entries for each word, along with
Latin, French, Gothic, Old Norse, Old English, and a couple of dozen other
IE languages. Buck shows how the different forms usually have common roots,
which may answer your question about word origins. A different kind of book
is *Theological Lexicon of the New Testament* by Ceslas Spicq (3 vols.,
$100 list, big discount from CBD). He has an interesting choice of Greek
words with special significance to the New Testament. He goes into great
depth on each word and is also fun to browse.

Richard Maurer

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