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Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 12:35:31 EST

<x-rich>At 11:58 AM -0500 3/22/99, Jonathan Robie wrote:

>What exactly does EPIBALLW mean in the following:




>EPIBALLW is used in other places to describe strewing cloaks on the

>placing ropes on hands, etc. In this context, could it mean "to drop
to the

>ground"? Did Peter drop to the ground and cry?

L&N (from AcCordance):

<color><param>0000,7777,0000</param>68.5 EPIBALLW: to begin an
activity, with special emphasis upon the inception or possibly the
suddenness with which the event takes place - 'to begin.' EPIBALWN
EKLAIEN 'he began to cry' Mk 14:72. It would also be possible to
understand EPIBALLW in Mk 14:72 as meaning 'when he thought of it' or
'when he reflected on it' (see 30.7).

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