Re: Subject: Acts 20:28 Whose blood?

From: Rodney J. Decker (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 06:22:59 EST

Perhaps the most extensive discussion of this problem is to be found in
Murray J. Harris, *Jesus as God: The NT Use of THEOS in Reference to
Jesus*, ch. 5, pp. 131-41. He addresses both the text critical issues as
well as the grammar and theology, concluding that: "the most appropriate
translation of these words is 'the Church of God which he bought with the
blood of his own one' ... with hO QEOS construed as a christological title.
According to this view, hO QEOS refers to God the Father, not Jesus Christ"
(p. 141). Even if one does not agree with Harris (and this is a notable
crux), he leaves few stones unturned in his discussion. It well repays
careful study.


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