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Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 14:57:40 EST

Carl, Ben, Maurice and others in private posts:

Thanks for the tread.

Ya know I don't give a rotten fig for source criticism when it comes to
the biblical text but I do like to perform source criticism on biblical
scholarship. I have traced the discussion of Galatians 1:6,7 back to
J.B. Lightfoot's commentary on Galatians (p77). Lightfoot builds a case
for understanding hETEROS as another of a different kind. I would
suspect that Fitzmyer and Plummer probably can be traced to Lightfoot on
this issue either directly or indirectly.

Lightfoot's argument is complex. He begins with the definition of
hETEROS which Carl pointed out, another in a series. But then he uses
some subtle arguments to bring this around to meaning another of a
different kind (in Galatians 1:6,7). He cites Xen. Cyrop. VIII. 3. 8 as
an example of this:


He also cites Exodus 1:8 LXX as an example:


But note that Lightfoot concludes this discussion buy pointing out that
hETEROS and ALLOS can be interchangeable. He cites Luke 7:20 and Matt.
11:3 as examples of this. My original post was intended to show how the
manuscript evidence for Luke 7:19,20 supports the notion that these are
interchangeable lexemes. See particularly codex B and D.

F.F. Burce in the NIGTC on Galatians is very cautious about pushing this
distinction (Galatians 1:6,7). I would be cautious as well. This
discussion begins to sound a lot like the endless babbling about AGAPAW
and FHILEW near the end of John's gospel.

The following is quoted from a footnote in Louw and Nida:

Some persons have assumed that the distinction between ALLOS and hETEROS
is simply a difference between what is another in a series and that
which is significantly different in kind, but such a distinction cannot
be confirmed from existing contexts, though there may be this type of
distinction implied in Ga 1:6-7 in which ‘another kind of gospel’ is
rejected on the basis that there is ‘no other gospel.’ Note, however,
that both ALLOS and hETEROS also occur in the meaning of ‘another, which
is not the same’ (see 58.37).

We need to keep in mind that J.B. Lightfoot, for all of his brilliance
as a philologist, wrote prior to F. de Saussure. However, he is
certainly still worth reading.

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
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