thankyou one and all

Date: Sat Apr 03 1999 - 16:22:37 EST

Dear friends at b-greek,

I thank you very much for so many great answers to my question. I will be searching through the many sources you have suggested.

I am in that position of, when I have time I have no money, when I have money I have no time. This particular portion of my life is one of the "time without much money" so I will be relying heavily on the internet sources, but I will also select at least one of the books mentioned to get started.

Particularly helpful was the letter explaining the many different types of Greek. I had no idea there were so many. I had heard of a couple of them. I believe that I will be primarily interested in the Koine because I believe this is what I have already been investigating with my Strong's Concordance. I have a modern language Greek bible that seems to follow the Greek in the concordnace quite well. Somewhere in the house I have a bible with the greek and english but find I don't learn anything if it is all there laid out FOR me. I need to dig to get concepts well buried in my brain.

I wish our library had some of these books.

Thankyou very much,

Catharine Basson

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