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> TAFOS is basically a hole in the ground in which a corpse is placed,
> while MNEMEION is a monument, a memorial ("you build memorials to the
> prophets" - Lk. 11:47). In Mk. 5:2, the demoniac is not living in a
> hole in the ground but in a MNEMEION, a burial cave or tomb constructed
> above ground.

 I'm guessing too: but I always thought of a TAFOS as a tombstone, upon
 which is engraved the Epitaph (EPI TAFWi) or name and CV of the deceased
 buried thereunder or within. Hebrew /QeBeR/; German /Grab/ or /Grabstein/?

 A MNHMEION by contrast IMHO is a KENOS TAFOS (Cenotaph) or empty memorial
 to a deceased person, whose body or ashes is/are interred elsewhere.
 Hebrew /ZeKeR/; German /Denkmal/? I suspect that MNHMEION got used
 for the grave proper by Metonymy or Synechdoche, or just by association.
 So we can no longer draw a rigid distinction.

 My 2 cents.


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