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From: Daniel Ria–o (danielrr@mad.servicom.es)
Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 16:35:11 EDT

Dan Barnes wrote:
>Does anyone know of a program that can change the various formats for Greek
>and Hebrew fonts into each other's coding? I use Biblework's fonts for all
>that I type. I would like to be able to change texts into this format
>without having to retype it all over again. anyone know?

        If you use a Mac, I wrote a freeware program that changes the Greek
text inside a document, without changing the text in another alphabet or
any feature of the text (style, size, etc) as long as you change between
fonts with the SMK format (Athenian, Graeca, Kadmos, etc) and the
Linguist's Software (Super Greek, SSuperGreek, Graeca, etc.) formats. If
you (or anybody in the list) think you can use the program, drop me an
e-mail to danielrr@mad.servicom.es. I have been using the application (It
is an HyperCard stack) for many times and it never failed me: if it failed
to anybody else I don't know, since I never got any letter from any user
around (users often don't realize the importance of feedback)
        Again, if you use a Mac there is another shareware program from
Daniel Beguin which is certainly better and faster than mine, and allows
conversion between many more Greek font formats, and the shareware fee (I
think it is 25$) is really low. (I can't remember now Beguin's electronic
address, but you should find it easily over the net.)
        I wrote some months ago an application that allows changing between
any given Greek font format, which is certainly more solid and coherent
then my previous mini-application, but I haven't find the time to implement
the user interface. It should also work with Windoze fonts, but again, you
have to use it in a Mac. I'll notify the list when the program is ready for
beta testing (than can be months from now)
        About Hebrew fonts, I'm afraid you are out of luck, but with some
patience you can use programs like Transcribe and Add/Stripp (both
shareware) to change the texts in text-only files.
        I discussed this kind of problems and applications in a book I
wrote about Macintosh applications to the Classical philology. I am putting
the addenda to the book on-line, and if you think it may be of interest for
any of you, I can notify you as soon as the pages are ready for visiting
(mmmmmm, in about three weeks). The page will work in the future as a
repository for Greek text descriptions files that the program mentioned in
the third places needs to run, so that one person can do that necessary
work for all (it takes about 20 minutes to do the description with the
program interface, and you don't need any special knowledge about your

Daniel Ria–o Rufilanchas
c. Santa Engracia 52, 7dcha

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