Re: PRWTOTOKOS wrt Homer

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Apr 03 1999 - 19:27:51 EST

At 05:04 PM 4/3/99 -0800, Bill W. Rodgers wrote:
>Jonathan: AP 9.213 refers to the Anthologia Palatina (which is a part
>of the Greek Anthology). Specifically it refers to Epigram 213 of Book
>9. The "opp." means opposed to or contrasted with Nicander, a 2nd
>Century writer on medical topics. My rough translation of Epigram 213:
>"And Colophon, the city seen from afar, produced two sons excellent in
>wisdom. The PRWTOTOKOS was Homer and later came Nicander. Both were
>loved by the Muses in the heavens."
>If you follow the comment about metaphorical use in LSJ then perhaps
>first in rank was intended here. Certainly Nicander was no match for
>Homer. But first-born in time would also work!
Thanks, Bill, that's extremely helpful. Did you get that off of TLG, or
where did you find it? I'm afraid I have no idea how to chase things like
this down!

One more obscure references that uses PRWTOTOKOS: the Naassene psalm in
Hyppol., Elench. 5, 10, 1. Anyone have any idea how to find that?



Jonathan Robie
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