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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 06:57:47 EDT

At 06:27 AM 4/5/99 -0400, Mary L B Pendergraft wrote:
>This has been very interesting--more frequently you hear of Nicander and
>Mimnermus as the two poets from Colophon.
>For Jonathan's second citation, that's Hippolytus (3d century), Refutation
>of All Heresies--I can't offer to search it here at home, I'm afraid. One
>way to identify abbreviations like "Hippol." is from the (lengthy) list in
>the front of LSJ. And when you've identified your work, the easiest place
>to start is usually with the Loeb series; it's in most college libraries,
>with Greek and English on facing pages--that's where I typically begin for
>a Greek Anthology question. From there you can go to a commentary if you
>still have questions. But I'm pretty sure Hippolytus isn't in the Loeb
>series; in the Migne Patrologia, certainly, but that's much less easy to use.

Ah, thanks. I am a victim of the fact that I use LSJ only online at
Perseus, and have never used a paper copy. So I can find the references if
there is a hyperlink, but only then.

>On PRWTOTOKOS, as I remember Raymond Brown's _Birth of the Messiah_ has a
>very thorough survey, citing even epigraphical material.

That will be helpful - this is something I can get my hands on, and it will
probably be easier to use.


Jonathan Robie
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