Essentials-Any good?

From: David A Bielby I (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 22:38:44 EDT

>Dear William Noel <>
>You asked.
<<Does anyone have experience with Essentials of NT Greek by Ray Summers?

>The college I'll be attending (Tyndale, In Fort Worth, TX) uses it.
>in advance>>

>>From: "Jay Adkins" <>
>>Subject: Re: recommendation

>>Overall, I would see it as a fine first year grammar. Most of what you

>>want to accomplish in the first year of study is a good understanding
>>accidence and the book does a good job of that. The revised edition
>>helps give you a good head start on second year Greek with the added
>>chapter on syntax.

I guess I have to tell you that I wouldn't use that grammar again. I
found a lot of technical errors throughout the grammar and statements
that Second Year Grammars 'corrected'. However, the Chart is a useful
tool and I do find myself referring back to Essentials because I'm
familiar with it. When I taught through the revised version a few years
ago, I found it was tough to keep students motivated.

Next time I offer Basic Greek I plan to use William Mounce's Basics of
Biblical Greek ( I think that's the name). I really like how he
encourages the student throughout the textbook to press on.

Overall, the Summers book helped me get started and I'm very grateful for

Hope that helps!

David Bielby I
Pastor Vineyard Christian Fellowship Bloomington, Illinois USA

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