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From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Sat Apr 10 1999 - 14:30:30 EDT

Well, it appears that my digests might just resume their regular
appearance after almost a week's hiatus. I gather that the list has
continued to function this week but that digest-only subscribers have
been left out in the cold. I don't know how many posts on this topic
I've missed. I hope I'll have a chance to check the archives soon and
catch up. I did get Karen Pitts' post responding specifically to me,
but the post on Problem-Based Learning (I think that was the term)
gives me the impression that the thread has taken a different turn in
some hands.

Karen, I find your thinking to be much along the lines of my own as
far as what a teacher should expect from the student. I am happy to
hear that you have been able to learn Greek well in the kind of group
study you have done. I also find it interesting that you apparently
have strong aptitudes in math, and I wonder whether that indicates a
similarity between us in thought patterns and learning styles. I
should immediately admit, however, that the further I ventured into
calculus in high school and early college, the less of a mathematician
I felt myself to be. Now, after about 20 years away from formal study
of math, the only specific thing I can recall about calculus is that
it's the level of math where I hit my limit! I remember some of the
terms but not their meanings, and I remember the shapes of some of the
functions we used to graph, but it's all a fog now. Anyway, this is a
Greek list, and, to get back to Greek, I have a hunch that a good many
students either couldn't or WOULDN'T have learned the language in the
way you have been doing. But I appreciate your sense of conviction
that it CAN be done.

As is probably apparent by now, I really don't have much more to
contribute to this thread. All along I've hoped only to hear
experiences, opinions, and methods that might improve my outlook and
success rate. So I'll just keep listening and try to check the
archives soon to see what I've missed.

In love to God and neighbor,
Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC

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