From: Rick Strelan (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 19:54:52 EDT

I'm curious as to the meaning of Judas' going EIS TON TOPON TON IDION [Acts
1:25]. Does TOPOS refer to his status or rank or role as earlier in the
verse? Apparently,IDIOS TOPOS is also a philosophical term indicating 'what
directly embraces and limits a thing' [in contrast to EIDOS, MORFH and
hULH] says TDNT. Commentaries tend to ignore the phrase.
More curious for me is Peter going EIS ETERON TOPON in Acts 12:17. That is
usually understood as meaning he went to another region,locality. Peter is
thereby simply removed from the scene and Paul takes over. But the context
is most curious: Peter has a vision in prison, escapes in a very confused
state [of mind and body??],is thought to be an angel etc. Could ETEROS
TOPOS = another state of existence??

Thanks for any response

Dr Rick Strelan
Studies in Religion
University of Queensland
Australia 4072

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