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Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 11:45:07 EDT


My apologies for sending a response to yesterday's postings before reading
today's. This thorough answer is extremely helpful (though the plural rather
than singular article still intrigues me...).

Verse 3 certainly does pull one up short. I'm not sure of a way of attacking
the problem, though, except to examine Mark for similar constructions.
Repeating the subject and verbal idea of the main clause in a participial
clause modifying the object of the main clause strikes me as very unorthodox.
I have thus always concluded that the four carrying the paralytic (in the
modifying clause) are different than those who are advocating for him (in the
main clause). Not a very satisfying argument, I admit.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response.

From: Carl W. Conrad on Wed, Apr 14, 1999 4:07 AM
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At 12:17 AM -0300 4/14/99, Carlos Navarro wrote:
>Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
>> I asked the same question on Mark 2:2, to which Carl gave the same
>> answer as he did this time.


>Now, let me ask whether anyone has ever pondered the strange formulation in
the verse immediately following? KAI ERCONTAI FERONTES PROS AUTON
PARALUTIKON AIROMENON hUPO TESSARWN. I've always wondered, when I come to
this verse, how many persons are involved in getting this paralytic to
Jesus: are the four who carry his KRABATOS the same as those who ERCONTAI
FERONTES? This is, of course, another of these fringe questions that has
absolutely no bearing upon the central focus of this narrative, but it has
nevertheless always piqued my curiosity whenever I read it.

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