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From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 14:09:42 EDT

>From: Antonio Eduardo Costa Pereira

>George Blaisdell wrote:

>> After reading Navarro and Dr. Costa posting from Brazil, I would

>> to see them make a tape of John's Gospel in their "restored" Koine,
>> [which Dr. Costa says is necessary for students to learn to take
>> dictation in Koine!] What a treasure that would be!
>Dear George,
>It was a private email to you, not a post. Therefore, other people

>don't know the history of our correspondence...

Dear Dr. Costa ~

You are right, and not only that, but I misunderstood what you meant
by "restored" Greek. Sorry!

>the recordings that I have sent to you are not restored Koine, but

>classical Greek. I use restored classical Greek because it is easier

>native speakers of modern greek, like my students, to learn.
>Besides this, restored classical Greek
>fulfils the role of teaching spelling perfectly well (even better

than restored
>Koine, I think). There is also a practical side of the story: In

>there are people who know restored classical Greek and modern Greek
>(Philippos, Anna, Stavros, Bruno Homeros, Panayotis, etc). I can
>use their voices as model. I don't know anybody who knows restored
>Koine, except Randal Buth, but he lives far away.

Another imaginative yearning of mine blown into the wind! Is the
biblical text then read in the churches pronounced in katharevouska?
Even that would have to be better than our English attempts, or
German, or French or any non-Greek attempt. I would sure like to hear
John done by one of you guys!!

>However, as I told you, restored Classical Greek plays the role of
>teaching spelling, and it is very beautiful, isn't it? What is your
>opinion about the recordings?

It is wonderfully melodic. I had been told that it was tonal 25 years
ago, and had imagined it would be, but that little recording really
brought it home to me. Nice voice!

Thanks again ~

George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA

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