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From: Antonio Eduardo Costa Pereira (
Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 14:07:57 EDT

Jack Kilmon wrote:

> As you know, P52 is the oldest fragment of the New Testament
> and contains John 18:31-33 (Recto) and 37-38 (verso). The
> recto is a verse that contains the name of Jesus but the name
> is not present on the fragment. The palaeographic measurements
> of P52, however, suggest that IHSOUN was written out.

No, I didn't know this very interesting fact. I am not an expert
in Greek. The image that you have sent me was my first contact
with a manuscript. In 1982, when I was in Greece, I took a trip
to the Vatican in order to see a manuscript. Since I was not a
qualified scholar, I was not allowed into the room. Therefore,
I didn't see the manuscripts. I didn't know that they use to make
measurements either, in order to guess missing words.

There is a point that is not clear to me. Jim West has sent me an
image, that he took from P75, and the abreviations of Jesus's
name are clearly there. There is no need to make any measurements.
In the forth line of the manuscript, one can read:


I guess that Jim West and you are not talking about the same
manuscript, are you?

A. Costa ( I am interested in the manuscript as much
as Navarro. Since he is not here, I have answered to
this email)

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