RE: Ephesians ~ Generic Dative?

From: Mary L B Pendergraft (
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 11:41:20 EDT

At 04:56 PM 4/24/99 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>I respond to this only as an unregenerate orthodox believer in traditional
>Greek grammar; while I am dubious occasionally about some particular
>interpretation of traditional grammatical categories, I am not yet quite
>ready to abandon them in favor of attacking a text armed with nothing more
>than intuition and imagination.

May I add my voice to Carl's in this discussion about the phrase ESTE
SESWiSMENOI? It is quite true, as has been argued, that ESTE "stands
alone" in innumerable examples. But the same is not true of perfect
passive participles. While not precisely rare, they are much less common
than either presents or aorists. Furthermore, Carl's right that the most
natural way to read a form of EIMI + perf. pass. participle is as a
periphrastic form of the verb. It happens all the time and is not unusual
at all.


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