RE: Ephesians ~ Generic Dative?

From: Mary L B Pendergraft (
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 12:27:44 EDT

At 11:13 AM 4/26/99 -0500, Bill Ross wrote:
>Carl's right that the most natural way to read a form of EIMI + perf. pass.
>participle is as a periphrastic form of the verb. It happens all the time
>and is not unusual at all.
>The point was well made and is well taken. However, is it *necessarily* so,
>since the non-periphrasatic exists, and since EIMI can stand alone? Can it
>"By grace you are, having been saved through faith"
>or *must* it be
>"By grace you have been saved through faith"

I really believe it _must_ be the latter: the question is less ESTE than
SESWiSMENOI and finding examples of such a participle standing beside EIMI
and _not_ representing the periphrastic perfect.


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