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> I would be interested to know what NT manuscripts stand behind Jerome's
> Vulgate. Thanks.

 Dear Theo,

 The Biblia Sacra Vulgata is a conservative revision, with corrections
 restricted to those which would alter the sense of passages. He compared
 Old Latin MSS with the most ancient MSS in Greek that he had. He found
 many harmonisings and assimilations between the Gospels, and so he tried
 to restore the actual words written by the Evangelists in the Gospels.
 It is thought that he used Sinaiticus in the Gospels to revise the European
 Old Latin, and Alexandrinus to revise Acts. He did much less work on the

 Hort suggested that Brixianus was used by Jerome. It is 90% the same as
 the Vulgate; but Brixianus is s Gothic revision of the Vulgate and is
 newer (6th century). The view of Burkitt and Souter is that Jerome used
 Codex Veronensis. Souter thought that Luke 15:11ff is taken from Codex

 The Church at Rome used Greek rather than Latin as the ecclesiastical
 language until about 200. After 200 Rome took over the African texts
 and made their own translations. JH Ropes says that the European text
 is a revision of the African Old Latin with the help of an Alexandrian
 Greek MS. Codex Bobiensis is the best, but only contains Mark 8-16 and
 Matthew 1-15. Sanday in the ICC established that Bobiensis was identical
 to the text used by Cyprian in 250. Codex Palatinus is a little later
 and contains all the Gospels, and is more European

 After 383 the Vulgate, the 'New Latin Bible', was in use alongside the Old
 Latin. Augustine used both. This went on until about 1000, by which time
 the Vulgate reigned supreme. In 1546 the Council of Trent made it the
 official standard version; but by then it had begun to show variations
 from the original Jerome. The Northumbrian MSS of the Vulgate are the best,
 dating from the Roman Mission in the 7th century (taken there by Abbot
 Ceolfrid of Wearmouth).

 That's all I can dig out at the moment. No doubt someone will know of
 more recent research.


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