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> And while we are already off topic, what about the symbol of the foot
> with wings. Anyone know anything about the history of this symbol?


 This is Hermes' (Mercury's) winged helmet and winged sandals. Hermes
 was the "messenger of the gods" in Greek mythology. Paul was taken for
 Hermes in Acts 14:12, because he was the one who did all the talking.
 The name is probably derived from hERMENEUW to interpret (or vice versa),
 according to which is "chicken" and which is "egg".

 There is also Isaiah's call vision in the Temple (Isaiah 6) where he
 saw the Seraphim flying around the Throne, paying attention and acting
 swiftly to YHWH's every order. The "wings" are a symbol of speed; these
 seraphim are swift operators.

 The motto of the British /Royal Corps of Signals/ (Army Signal Corps)
 is "Certa Cito" (usually rendered "swift and sure"; but actually meaning
 something like "accurate information fast") and the cap badge is a
 winged Mercury. Mercury (the metal) is also named "quicksilver".

 Posts with a marble head of Mercury on them used to be erected at
 crossroads and junctions, to point the correct way (Juvenal, VIII:53).
 These were called Hermae.


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