Re: P. Comfort's new book

From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 14:55:56 EDT


>From: Jim West

>P. Comfort's new book, "The Complete Text of the Earliest NT Manuscripts"
>has arrived and it is really a tremendous thing!
>mss include p1 - 104 (with some lacunae), and some other early uncials.
>book offers the mss in P order. Some photos are included as well as a fine
>introduction. 649 pp. of great resources for the textual critic and NT
>The transcriptions are really excellent and are exact!, including
>abbreviations within the papyri themselves.
>Thought some of you would like to know that this book is now available.

Jim ~ Are the texts themselves in the uncial? Are they reprods in a modern
font? Or are they photocopies of the originals?

More info! Please!! :-)

George Blaisdell

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