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From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 19:24:44 EDT

Rick Strelan wrote:

> My question raises not a Greek linguistic problem [in terms of grammar or
> vocabulary], but certainly one of meaning! What do people understand by Lk
> 4:5 when Satan shows Jesus all the kingdoms EN STIGMi CRONOU? This suggests
> that both characters have the ability to step outside the limits of time
> and space.
> Very happy to receive commnents off-list is this is thought to be outside
> the acceptable scope [but it is only a STIGMH]

Luke's EN STIGMi CRONOU seems to be an attempt to note the visionary character of the
experience. But note that quick ascents into, or more precisely, guided tours of,
the upper realms through the agency of a heavenly being with their consequent visions
of all that lies below the upper realms was a theme of apocalyptic literature. And
in the light of this, the phrase does not suggest that Jesus had the ability you
suggest, only the Devil. Also keep in mind that Paul claims to have known someone
(himself?) who had made a (presumably guided) journey into the third heaven, and
there is no hint that the person in question is more than human.

But with these observations we move beyond the bounds of B-Greek

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