Re: Mark 3.1

From: Moon-Ryul Jung (
Date: Wed May 12 1999 - 22:07:26 EDT

Mark 3.1:


> >The hand clearly has a very distinctive attribute, does it not? It is
> >withered!! Hence EXHRAMMENHN is attributive of CIERA.
> >

Objectively speaking, "withered" is an attribute of the hand in question.
Whether the participle is attributive or predicative depends on how the
writer views the situation.
(1) The participle is predicative if the writer first
identifies the hand and then adds description or predication to it.
(2) The participle is attributive if the participle is used to identify
the hand in question.

If we take THN CEIRA as "his hand", then it is already identified and
the participle is "free" to be used to describe it, hence predicative.

I think I would like to firmly engrave the following rule into my mind.

[Carl] When the noun has an article, the attribute must also have
      an article to be attributive.

Yes, Carl, I think this is what I wanted to know.

Moon-Ryul Jung
Assistant Professor
Dept of Computer Science
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