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Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 14:25:06 EDT

At 1:26 PM -0400 5/13/99, wrote:
>I hope someone can take a crack at this one. It appears in Book 11, line 24
>of the Paraphrase of John by Nonnos, corresponding to John 11:6
>the word is: telessimorou
>the line reads (in perfect dactyllic hexameter):
>dichthadie^s parameibe telessimorou dromon e^ous.
>it is paraphrasing:
>tote men emeinen (epi to^i topo^i) duo hemeras

TELESSIMOROS ought to mean "fate-accomplishing." MOROS is one of the
regular Homeric words for "doom" or "fate," sometimes equivalent to MOIRA;
TELESSI- is the verbal stem for TELEW, "accomplish," "bring to fulfillment."

A check of LSJ at Perseus doesn't show this word but shows several other of
these TELESSI- compound adjectives.

In this line I would TELESSIMOROU must construe with HOUS and the line
should mean something like, "let pass the running of fate-fulfilling Dawn

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