[Fwd: An Important Message for Members of AAR and SBL]

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@mailhost.chi.ameritech.net)
Date: Fri May 14 1999 - 18:57:47 EDT

Though off topic, this will be of interest to B-Greek members,
especially those who are not SBL/AAR members but who intend to attend
the annual meeting as a guest.


Jeffrey Gibson

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Subject: An Important Message for Members of AAR and SBL
Date: 14 May 99 15:49:11 PDT
From: AAR_SBL Annual meeting <AARSBL@netscape.net>
To: AARSBL@shemesh.scholar.emory.edu

An Important Message for Members of AAR and SBL

As you may know, Monday, May 17, is the opening day for preregistration
housing for the 1999 AAR/SBL Annual Meeting. You will also remember
that in
order to secure your housing for the Boston meeting, you will need to be
registered. Also, don't forget to renew your membership for '99 if you
to register at the member rate (Member Services: 404-727-2345).

Beginning at 9:00am EST, you may submit your preregistration/housing
by any of the following methods:

        CALL: 800-243-1193 (US & Canada)
                        404-584-7458 (outside US & Canada)

        FAX: 404-584-0685 (preregistration form + housing form)

        ONLINE: http://www.jv-site.org or

        MAIL: AAR/SBL Preregistration & Housing
                        c/o Ambassadors Performance Housing
                        240 Peachtree Street, Suite 22-S-22
                        Atlanta GA 30303

Please remember that there will be several thousand members attempting
preregister and make housing reservations on Monday. With the help of
Ambassadors Housing, we have done everything possible to provide you
multiple ways to access the system. If you have trouble accessing the
online, try phoning. If you cannot reach Ambassadors by phone the first
try later, or, fax your forms.

You also need to select more than one hotel option. The hotel listing
on the
back of your housing form indicates which properties are within walking
distance of the Hynes (no more than four blocks), and which properties
are on
the shuttle route. Shuttle times are listed for each hotel area. Being
prepared to be flexible will make your registration experience much

Thank you - see you in Boston!

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