Re: Word Order: Mark 3.1 and beyond

Date: Fri May 14 1999 - 12:14:34 EDT

Carl said:

 This is why centrality
of position can't really be a very important element in prose (although it
certainly may be in stichic verse, as Latin hexameters reveal marvelously).
When one is listening to another speak, the place of greatest emphasis is
really going to be the beginning and the end of the sequence of words.


Please briefly expand on this first sentence, particularly the parenthesis! I
have been reading with great interest this set of correspondences, but as I
deal chiefly with verse, it has served to distinguish my text from the
ur-text. Nonnos certainly uses lines as structural units, rarely extending a
predicate or adjective into the next line from its object. He also frequently
constructs symmetrical lines, in which the subject or the verb will be the
central word, and its attributes symmetrically divided around it, often with
a dative adjective and its associated participle at one end of the line and
the other, with another pair of predicates nested between them, surrounding
the main word.

        Is there any recognizable or even arguable GREEK metrical verse in
any of the Koine NT?

Tony Prost
All Nonnos All Day

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