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From: Armando Cottim (DSI) (
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 04:57:21 EDT

Hi Bob and welcome to B-Greek.

In fact, if what you want is to have an Internet school ... this is
feasible. You have to distribute a (freeware) Greek font to every
participant. This way everyone will be able to read the Greek chars in the
It wouldn't be feasible if you where to open the email teaching to
everybody, like B-Greek does.

The same idea would have to be applied if you have everybody using the same
word processor (Word, or any other). In fact, WordPerfect (is it still
sold?) installs a Greek font as well as an Hebrew one. Then, through the
Internet you can find freeware fonts for almost every alphabet (mail me if
you need help on this). So ... you might as well use email.

Regarding the transliteration issue ... I think Carl as answered you.

Now ... I hope you are successful with your ministry and ... if I can be of
assistance ... just drop me a line. I will be more than happy to help.

Bye for now

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        I am new to b-Greek. My ministry is starting a school of theology in
        we will be teaching Greek and Hebrew. I have been advised that it is
        difficult to use Greek fonts in email messages and that it is
        impossible in chatrooms. Is this correct?

        I have been advised that we might require all students and faculty
to use
        Word 7.0 and to use the same version of Greek and Hebrew, and then
        attachments or email which is dropped in from Word should be

        Re. transliteration, I read the rationale for the all cap method
(plus i
        and h) and since I have been used to the other method, I find it a
bit hard
        to read YUCH as psyche or psuche. (I prefer y for upsilon.) Even
        accents to distinguish epsilon from eta and omega from omicron, the
        case method seems less confusing. I would welcome advice from those
        learned transliteration in lower case and converted to this uncial

        Thank you for responding.


        Bob Wilkin, Ph.D.
        (NT, DTS 1985)

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