Re: Syntax Mark 8:4

From: Jim West (
Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 07:30:10 EDT

At 07:02 AM 5/3/99 +0000, you wrote:

>I think the basic intent of the passage is clear, but I am having trouble
>on just how best to translate the passage for myself as a result, (I
>believe) of a poor understanding of the syntax.

Heres my go at it-
"His disciples responded to him saying, How is it possible to feed this
crowd bread here in the desert?"

>After consideration, His disciples said to Him, "How will anyone be able to
>feed with bread this crowd, here on this desert,?"
>or "Then His disciples answered Him saying that, " Where will anyone be
>able to find bread to feed these people, here on this desert?"

I really dont see any difficult syntactic matter here. The vocabulary is
fairly simple and the structure of the sentence fairly straightforward.

Your rendering is very good (except I would suggest you change "on" to "in".
The preposition can certainly bear that weight).



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