Re: Grammatical errors in Revelation?

From: Edgar Foster (
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 21:43:24 EDT

Dear Jason,

(1) Yes, there are what appear to be CONSTRUCTIO AD SENSUM in
Revelation. As Carl has pointed out, scholars have indeed stated that a
number of solecisms occur in Revelation. In his detailed commentary on
Revelation, David Aune has a section on CONSTRUCTIO AD SENSUM in
Revelation. In part, he writes that there are "fifty-three occurrences
of present participles of the verb LEGW; twelve are solecisms (4:1, 8;
5:12, 13; 6:10; 11:15; 13:14; 14:7; 15:3; 19:1, 6, 17; details are
found in the Notes to each of these passages)" [Revelation 52A, CCVI.
Word Commentary Series].

(2) I'm not so sure that the author of Revelation writes "bad Greek."
For years, some have claimed that the Gospel of Mark contains "bad
Greek." Recent research has shown otherwise. While it is true that
there are apparent anacolutha in Revelation, its quite possible that
the seemingly "bad Greek" is nothing more than natural and good
Hebraism. Linguists can either be descriptive or prescriptive in their
analysis of language. If one takes a descriptive approach to Biblical
Greek, then its quite possible that the so-called "bad Greek" of
Revelation is simply la parole. Or, from a sociolinguistic viewpoint,
it could be just good old Hebraism (Cf. Rev. 1:4. Consult Gen. 15:1, 4



--- Jim West wrote:

>At 03:18 PM 5/16/99 +0000, you wrote:

>Some have claimed that grammatical errors in Revelation distinguish it
from books by John the apostle. Are any of you aware of "errors" in
the Greek
or have any input on the authorship of Revelation.<

>Jason Rachels


>Take a look at volume 4 of Nigel Turner's Grammar of
NT Greek. He discusses the stylistic markers of the various NT
authors. It has been fairly well
known for a long time that the author of Rev differs
significantly in style from the Johannine materials (the gospel and the
epistles). Turner lists
numerous examples- so he is the place to start.<

>On the "errors" of Rev- yes, it is terrible greek.



Edgar Foster
Classics Major
Lenoir-Rhyne College

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